New boat. Part two.

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I am overwhelmed by all this. On Monday our new home was craned in. Words to follow, but for now pictures will have to do.

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The New Boat. Part One.

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People do boat-build blogs. Breathlessly they document the progress of their build, keeping everyone up-to-date with up-to-the-minute information about how it’s all going. I am breathless about my new boat. I want to document the progress of the build and … Continue reading

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Taking apart a Nokia 105

New year reflection led me to the conclusion that perhaps having email, twitter, facebook and the Internet at large following me round in my pocket all the time wasn’t a great idea, so I thought I’d get a phone that wasn’t afraid to revisit issues of self-identity. The Nokia 105 makes phone calls, sends texts, has an FM radio and not much else. I’m very happy with it. Continue reading

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Effectiveness of interval histogram Euclidean distance for predicting tune similarity

In an attempt to quickly find almost exact melodic duplicates (give or take a note or two) in the algorithm I tried comparing the Euclidean distance between their interval histograms. Continue reading

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Getting to work in the 2014 Oxford floods

Flood water waist deep. Bit of a challenge getting out. Thames towpath below Oxford flooded knee-deep in places, just breaching at Donnington bridge. Someone in the University College boathouse shouted that I should be careful of sharks.

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Oxford Geek Nights – Strong and Static Typing vs Weak and Dynamic Typing

Here are the slides from my talk last night. You don’t have to agree.

You should also read this Yegge rant if you have particularly strong feelings either way.

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Comments on the Oxford Mail site are completely broken

There’s something very odd going on with the comments on the Oxford Mail site. No disrespect to the paper, but I have a tough time tallying up likely size of readership with some of the behaviour seen on the site. Continue reading

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To a toaster

Continue reading

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Photoshop Bug

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A fascinating bug in Adobe Photoshop. Presented here as a photographic essay. Bug report as photojournalism. I only created one triangle and moved it around a bit.

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Interview Questions

I have recently been on the job hunt (and come out of it with a new job, thanks for asking). I talked to a number of interesting organisations and answered a proportionally  interesting number of questions. No less interesting is that fact that nearly all of these questions, whilst being ideal interview material, were also the kind of questions that would come up every day as part of the job. Continue reading

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