Conferences in 2016

I sometimes to go to conferences. Sometimes I talk. Sometimes I listen. Sometimes both. What? What?? Why? What did/will I say? PIDAPalooza Reykjavík, November 2016 Discussing persistent identifiers for research objects. To share experience and best practice about the use of persistent identifiers. It's difficult when people don't use PIDs to talk about things that have them. I still have to look for them. Here's how.

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Another Year

I think that summer is a far better host to ‘new year’ than winter. If you’re lucky enough to be able to take time out to enjoy it, it offers a chance to stop whatever you were stuck doing for a little while and think about it. A reset, and chance to look backward on the last year and forward on the next. For me, winter is all about hard work, when everything’s an effort.

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Unit Testing in Go: talk at Oxford Geek Night

Download the slides for the ‘Unit Testing in Go’, a microslot (exactly 5 minutes!) at Oxford Geek Nights 29 on the 21st November.

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IndexError 'list index out of range' in Django Admin

Have you just got an exception from Django saying:

IndexError at /admin/mything/

list index out of range

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Peacock Experts — video

One of the great things about my workplace is that we have unlimited peacocks at our disposal a number of my colleagues are qualified peacock-ologists Here’s a short video of just one of the peacocks, along with some commentary about their feeding habits and behavioural characteristics (something about baked beans, pretending to be a bike and the thing from Jurassic Park, I don’t know it went over my head).

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Aeropress explosion (and copycat Gaggia)

Respect the aeropress. If you don’t pay it enough respect it will explode, sending coffee EVERYWHERE. STOP PRESS Not wishing to be outdone, the Gaggia espresso machine had a go too. I should add that this happened to a colleague.

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Trouble with local cross-domain Django cookies

I’m working on a Django app which is able to serve content on a number of subdomains. The app has a number of sites, which appear as subdomains of the main domain. There’s some middleware to look things up from the request and do the right routing.

In the wild the subdomains will be done with DNS, but for local development, I’m creating entries in my /etc/hosts such as demosite.local, using .local as my ‘main domain’ locally.  After a colleague integrated some authentication code, I suddenly found I couldn’t log in on my development environment. It didn’t work with either the custom login screen or the Django admin. Very odd.

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Using Subversion with PIP: Cannot find command 'svn'

Came across this when deploying a Django app to a fresh VM, installing with Python PIP from a requirements file.

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Facebook JavaScript login doesn't work in Safari

I have been banging my proverbial head against a brick wall (or my actual head against a proverbial wall) for the best part of a few days, on and off, trying to find the cause of an inconsistency in behaviour between Safari and Chrome in a Facebook canvas app.

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GET parameters in Facebook Canvas applications

I’m developing a Facebook app at work and was stuck on an issue for a bit. This post is just a mental note, and to prevent this happening.

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