Conferences in 2016

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I sometimes to go to conferences. Sometimes I talk. Sometimes I listen. Sometimes both.

What? What?? Why? What did/will I say?
Reykjavík, November 2016
Discussing persistent identifiers for research objects. To share experience and best practice about the use of persistent identifiers. It's difficult when people don't use PIDs to talk about things that have them. I still have to look for them. Here's how.
Crossref LIVE
London, November 2016
The Crossref annual meeting. To catch up with Crossref members and the scholarly publishing community. Not speaking (unless spoken to). Showing what the Strategic Initiatives team (that's Crossref Labs to you) are up to.
3:AM Conference
Bucharest, September 2016
Discussing alternative metrics for assessing published research. To talk to researchers, funders and infrastructure providers about Crossref Event Data We need neutral infrastructure to collect data on how research is used and mentioned online. Here's what Crossref's doing.
altmetrics16 Workshop
Bucharest, September 2016
Sharing research and research methods for alternative metrics. To talk to researchers, and share and understand expectations and techniques. Transparency is important when producing the data that underpins alternative metrics. Here are the transparency principles of Crossref Event Data.
WikiCite 2016
Berlin, March 2016
Talking about how people cite things in Wikipedia and how to improve it. Lots of citations on Wikipedia are made using DOIs. Here's how much use they get.
Berlin, March 2016
Talking about data, both structured and unstructured. To talk about data! Here's how we collaborated with Wikipedia to improve DOI use. Here's what happened.

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