Cooking with Wood

After success with a pizza, I’ve decided to try cooking in my wood burning stove. Little steps. Today I tried melting some cheese over some gnocchi. A good start. If I’m honest, this wasn’t anything more than melting some cheese. Next time I might actually cook something. And that’s pepper not ash in the last photo.

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Boat from Home

Like most, I grew up in a house. These perform a number of functions. A safe place to sleep, eat and raise a family come fairly high in the list, as do entertaining guests and storing things. The house doesn’t undergo any substantial change in order to fulfil these different functions. It largely stays put. In effort to impress the guests you might re-arrange the furniture, clean the windows or hide the cat.

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Today I Have Been Mostly Chopping Wood

Today I chanced upon some logs. So I took them home… … and went at them with a hatchet… I reckon that’s a few weeks’ worth of warm evenings some time around winter 2012. Some people are worrying about the cost of heating their homes. I’m out scouting for wood. Any woodologists able to identify what this might be and if it’ll burn obligingly? Failing that, practising xylologists?

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