Mucking around

Today I Have Been Mostly Chopping Wood

Today I chanced upon some logs. So I took them home… … and went at them with a hatchet… I reckon that’s a few weeks' worth of warm evenings some time around winter 2012. Some people are worrying about the cost of heating their homes. I’m out scouting for wood. Any woodologists able to identify what this might be and if it’ll burn obligingly? Failing that, practising xylologists?

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One Last Joke

Immediately after leaving university I joined a software company, and stayed there for 2 years and 8 months. It was serious slice of life. I’m glad I spent it there, but I’m also glad I left. Over the almost-three-years, my self-control wavered from time to time. I enjoy a joke, and if there’s a practical element, all the better. In his goodbye speech, my manager went over the list of things I had done in my time there, including several practical jokes.

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