Three Bean Salad: Jingleography

I have been asked to pass on the following message to Three Bean Salad Podcast: Esteemed Beans, Your recent episode, “Elevators”, was so flagrant in its profligate use of jingles that I feel I must break my silence and share my top secret research project. Unlike many, I don’t use your podcast to go to sleep. But I do use it to wake up, and the jingles really get me out of bed.

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Pipes and Paper: Ancient Abstractions (or: hacking my ReMarkable tablet into a live presentation tool)

None of the below is particularly original. That’s kind of the point. Paper I’m addicted to paper. When reviewing documents I prefer to print them out and scribble on them. That’s all well and good in an office located on a planet with infinite trees, but I find myself in neither of those situations. As a programmer, I also find it useful to scribble things down on paper, point at various scribble marks and ask people questions.

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A Light Box in Heavy Times


My son is nearing his second birthday, which makes him nearly two years old. When he was only four months old I decided that I would make him something with buttons. I didn’t have much more of an idea than that, but I ordered one hundred illuminated buttons and started mulling what to do with them. Nothing much happened for a few months; I knew this was a long term plan.

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Save Aldershot Leopard Barn

None of the regulars I speak to at The Old Pump in Aldershot have a bad word to say about ‘hapless’ Sandra. She’s has been a well-liked member of the community since before it was known as The Old Pump, before when it was known as the Pumping Station and before that, when it actually was the pumping station for Aldershot’s sewage system. ‘Some things never change,’ they mutter into their pints.

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Christmas Lights Competition 2015


Standards are high at the annual Christmas lights event. It’s important that every entry is a strong in order to outperform the competition.

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To a toaster

O Toaster! What the hell with thee is wrong?

Thy kind hath served my kind for decades long.

A bond hath formed between two nations great,

That decades bond, though, weareth thin of late.

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Photoshop Bug

A fascinating bug in Adobe Photoshop. Presented here as a photographic essay. Bug report as photojournalism. I only created one triangle and moved it around a bit.

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French Adventure

H and I visit France, and les rencontres de luthiers et maître sonneurs.

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International Bagpipe Day at the Pitt Rivers

An event to celebrate the second International Bagpipe Day! Held at the Pitt Rivers museum, Oxford.

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OxLork perform at the Ashmolean


OxLork, a band of musicians in possession of computers (and, I hope, an increasing knowledge of how to make new things with them) had a gig at the Ashmolean Museum on Friday. Very exciting. Not brilliant photos, but better than nothing.

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