The Golden Throng

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When I visited my parents at Christmas I re-discovered a book. It was given to me by my great-uncle Ronald.

The Golden Throng: A Book About Bees.

The Golden Throng

Thick paper, full of black-and-white slightly glossy plates and breathless wonder about these creatures. Printed in 1942, when a bit of breathless wonder wouldn’t have gone amiss.


I remember being given this book as a child. We visited regularly and he showed me his beehives. I remember the room where he kept his equipment, being shown how a smoker works, and the smell of everything. Sometimes we went home with pots of honey.

I’ve always loved bees. But in getting this book down from the shelf I found an inscription in the front dated 1995 (which would make be aged 9). It’s pretty clear from the wording that I showed a serious interest in bee-keeping. The inscription ends with:



Remember the advice given to me, by the old beekeeper who started me off, by giving me one of his hives, in his old Cheshire manner of speech: :

‘Remember that bees does nothing invariably’

It hasn’t come a great shock to any of my friends (or at least, it shouldn’t have) that I have decided to try my hand at bee-keeping. But it was a surprise to me to learn that I really made the decision a long time ago, and I’ve spent twenty years waiting to get around to it.

I hope one day I’ll be able to return a pot of honey to Ronald.

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