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I captured the event stream whilst I drew a circle.

$ ssh remarkable ‘cat /dev/input/event0’ > /tmp/pen-input

This ended up being 22,832 bytes. I then cleared the screen and piped some data back over the connection:

$ cat /tmp/pen-input | ssh remarkable ‘cat - > /dev/input/event0’

Nothing. This was understandable, as the data was all sent in one go, and the tablet likely though that my hand was moving at infinity meters per second.

So I sent it through pv’s rate-limiting function. I started with a multiple of 16 bytes because each message is that long. I don’t know if pv sends data in 16-bit chunks, but if it does, I didn’t want it to pause part-way through a message.

$ cat /tmp/pen-input | pv -L 1280 | ssh remarkable ‘cat - > /dev/input/event0’

I tried increasing the speed. 12800 worked nice and quick.

$ cat /tmp/pen-input | pv -L 10240 | ssh remarkable ‘cat - > /dev/input/event0’


20480 bytes per second, though was obviously too much.

$ cat /tmp/pen-input | pv -L 20480 | ssh remarkable 'cat - > /dev/input/event0'


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