A Busy July day (video)

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My nucleus is building up strength. It takes 40 days from its egg-laying to a worker bee going out on its foraging missions (bees spend their first ten days in the hive doing household chores). This means that the bees now out foraging were eggs long before I acquired the nuc.

Yesterday, the 1st of July the foragers were the busiest I’ve ever seen them. Really encouraging.

It’s fascinating to see individual bees' habits. Some leave the hive at a run and launch themselves head-first into the air. Some prefer to climb upward and take off backwards cautiously.

On a few occasions returning bees greet others (probably guard bees) before entering the hive. Some fly straight in. Some land on the ledge and crawl in. Some walk up and down a few times to cool off before entering. Some bees follow others in walking up and down forming little groups. Some prefer to land a bit higher and do some kind of heroic gate vault to get in.

All of which reminds me of humans getting in and out of a swimming pool.

I could literally watch these bees for hours.

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