Modified external lamp

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I picked up an outside light, the kind that you plug in and stick in your lawn, going cheap at B&Q. Although it said it had blue LEDs (I’ve never claimed to have much style but anything with blue LEDs in it is an unforgivable faux-pas) I had a roll of white LEDs at home. It was a nice sealed unit (no IP rating but it looked solid enough) which I thought would come in handy for stickig on the outside of my boat and shining at things.

A few months ago I ordered some white LEDs on a strip from eBay. I ordered three rolls of them. Two are encased in resin, one of them you can get at the LEDs and contacts. I used the two sealed rolls for my internal lighting (to great effect I think) and had some un-sealed ones spare.

Cue disassembly, soldering, reassembly. The unit is solid cast metal (I’m not sure what, feels like steel). I crammed in as many LEDs as possible shining in as many directions as possible.

I’ll have to wait until it’s dark before seeing if it’s any use.

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