Theatre Shows I Have Teched For

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During my time as a student (and during my time as a human) I’ve done a fair bit of lighting design and teching for student theatre. Here is a list of shows I have worked on.


Bent (Lighting Designer; O’Reilly, Oxford)

Paradise Lost (Lighting Designer; O’Reilly, Oxford)

The Blue Room (Lighting Designer; O’Reilly, Oxford)


Captain Improv ICE

Much Ado About Nothing (Lighting Designer; O’Reilly, Oxford)

The Tempest (Lighting Designer; Moser, Oxford)

The Truth (Lighting Designer & Op; OFS, Oxford)


The Pillowman (Lighting Designer; BT, Oxford)

Don Juan in Soho (Lighting Designer & Op; OFS, Oxford)

The Last Five Years (Lighting Designer; O’Reilly, Keble College, Oxford)

The Importance of Being Earnest (Lighting Designer & Op; Merton College, Oxford)

The Age of Anxiety (Lighting Designer & Op; O’Reilly, Keble College, Oxford)

Hippolytus (Lighting Designer; BT, Oxford)

Rosencratz and Guildenstern are Dead (Lighting Designer & Op, O’Reilly, Keble College, Oxford)

Desert of the Real (Lighting Designer; BT, Oxford)

Mort (Lighting Designer & Op; OFS, Oxford)

Edward II (Lighting Designer & Op; OFS, Oxford)

Closer (Lighting Designer & Op; OFS, Oxford)

Murder Most Improvised ICE (Technical Manager & Op, Edinburgh Fringe)


Mindgame (Lighting Designer & Op; OFS, Oxford)

Big Breath In (Lighting Designer & Op; OFS, Oxford)

The Balcony (Lighting Designer & Op; OFS, Oxford)

The Swingers (Technical Manager & Op;Baby Belly, Edinburgh Fringe) (IRL)

Not the Crystal Maze ICE (Technical Manager & Op; Venue 27, Edinburgh Fringe)


And We Drown (Lighting Designer & Op; BT, Oxford)

Boom Bang-A-Bang (Technical Manager & Op; Rocket, Edinburgh Fringe)

Top Girls (Technical Manager & Op; Rocket, Edinburgh Fringe)


The Music Man (Technical Manager; Surbiton High School) (IRL)


Dark Angels (Assistant Stage Manager; Sweet, Edinburgh Fringe)

Best Minds of My Generation (Assistant Tech & Op; Rocket, Edinburgh Fringe)

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