Seriously Diageo?

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I’ve got an old email account that I never use. The only email I get is spam (and the occasional old friend). I have managed to unsubscribe from nearly everything, except mailshots from Gordon’s Gin. Don’t ask me why I subscribed originally, it was a long time ago. I get a couple of messages from them every week and I wanted it to stop. So I clicked on the unsubscribe link. It took me to To quote: ‘Tick the box(es) next to your unsubscribe preference. You can unsubscribe from communication from ALL Diageo brands or alternatively you can select only the specific brand(s) you wish NOT to receive information about in the future’. So I need to tick a box for every type of email I want to stop receiving. How many boxes?

There are 96 boxes. Diageo are asking me to click 96 boxes just to unsubscribe to their newsletter. No thanks. Shame on you. I’m not filling out that form. I’ll see what has to say about it.

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